This will cover the cost of five anaesthesia machines to be delivered to these five small towns throughout Mongolia to enable surgical teams to start operating there by the summer of 2018. Find out more  They are: 




July 2019 New anaesthesia machine brings surgery to the Gobi Desert

 A new operating theatre opens at Umnugobi  InterSoum Hospital with a Diamedica Glostavent
anaesthesia machine in pride of place.  It's one of six machines now donated to Mongolia, 
four funded by this fund-raising effort.   It will enable this local anaesthesia team to provide
emergency surgery for thousands of nomadic people.
Left to right: Scrub nurse, surgeon, anaesthetist and far right Dr Ganbold, head of anaesthesia
in Mongolia who coordinates local training for safe surgery and safe anaesthesia.  

Safe Anaesthesia Mongolia (SAM) sends TWO more DPA02 anaesthesia machines to Ulaanbaatar 

JUNE 26 2019


Two more Glostavent portable anaesthesia machines are on their way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - bringing urgently needed  safe anaesthesia and safe surgery for the first time to  thousands more people living in the Mongolian countryside.  This is due to a surprise donation of £6,500 - matching the amount already raised by SAM.   It's come from Future Crunch (, a  Melbourne-based organisation that raises money for small science and technology charities. 

Future Crunch co-founder, political economist  Dr Angus Hervey told us the SAM initiative is 'literally a life-saver and right up our street'.  Announcing the gift on the Future Crunch website today,

he said the donation was thanks to the generosity of its patrons (435 so far).  And it carries short videos expressing thanks  from myself (Jane Feinmann) and the Australian anaesthetist, Dr David Pescod who has pioneered the training of safe anaesthesia and safe surgery in Mongolia over 20 years

The Glostavent machines are made by Devon-based engineering firm Diamedica UK and are designed to be operable in difficult conditions, without access to a regular electricity or oxygen supply (see pic of machine with Diamedica's  Head of Engineering Jon Meek.    Even better, the global anaesthesia charity, Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide will also donate 2 Lifebox pulse oximeters (each costing £220) to ensure the machines are used as  par tof  safe surgery.  

Earlier this month, Mongolia National University Medical School's Head of Anaesthesia, Dr Ganbold Lundeg emailed his thanks for the donated machines from Khuvsgul province in North Mongolia where he is leading training of rural doctors in emergency medicine.  He is already arranging for the first machine to be installed in a local hospital where the 'theatre' contains only an operating table and a surgical cautery machine.  

His message?  'It is great that people with good will are supporting essential surgical and emergency care for Mongolia's nomadic people'. 



And now,  watch our fund-raising video

.Project Manager: Carlotta Fiocchi

Safe Anaesthesia Mongolia will help countryside meet 'huge unmet surgical need'.

June 26, 2018

A Word From Campaign Director Jane Feinmann

March 26, 2018

Thanks for your solidarity

October 16, 2017

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The Diamedica DPA03 machine arrives in Ulaanbaatar. It's unpacked at MNUMS (Mongolia Nation